Welcome to Life-Monitor

LifeMonitor is a service to support the sustainability and reusability of published computational workflows.

The collapse [1] over time of the software and services on which computational workflows depend is destructive to their reusability, and to the reproducibility of work for which they were used; this phenomenon can be caused by an API change that is not backwards compatible, a regression in a tool whose version was not pinned, a change in URL of an external resource, etc. Frequent testing is crucial to the preservation of workflow health, allowing to expose problems when they arise and providing a machine-actionable way to verify changes to the workflow structure. LifeMonitor aims to facilitate the maintenance of computational workflows, supporting their reusability over time, with a strong focus on testing and test monitoring.

The project’s main goals are to:

Road map

Here is our planned development road map.

End of 2020

Spring 2021

End of 2021

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

Summer 2022

Fall 2022



LifeMonitor is being developed as part of the EOSC-Life project


[1] K. Hinsen, Dealing with software collapse. Computing in Science & Engineering 21 (3), 104-108 (2019).